Various Sites and Apps


Selected Demo Projects

FundMe: A Donation and Subscriptions Web App

A simple stripe payments app for funding and donations. Features:

- Stripe payments and subscriptions using Redis and Sidekiq for scheduled jobs.

- Rails MVC code structure with PostgreSQL relational database management system

- i18n internationalization.

Allgore: A Database of Horror

A horror movie database, and movie list site. Allgore is a website dedicated to horror movies with hundreds of movies seeded from TMDB. Features:

- Many-to-many PostgreSQL relational database

- Large dataset seeded from the TMDB api

- Movie search functionality across various database fields

Kamobetracks: An Audio Design Blog

A simple audio file blog with waveform visualizations using wavesurfer.js.

- Waveform visualizations using wavesurfer.js

- Jekyll blogging framework

- regularly updated audio deisgn work

Mono: A Vocabulary Learning App

An SVG-based visual dictionary in Italian, English and Japanese. My first ever site built from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Features:

- Scalabale SVG images

- Speech playback using the Responsive Voice API

- Responsive design

- More details